The Management

Richard Daguise | CEO & Managing Director
Together with his team, Richard shares his passion to create new visions for Mesa Hotels and Resorts. Under his leadership and dedication to details, creativity in all aspects is being encouraged as the key to professional transformation in this challenging business enviornment.

John J. Ramos | CFO
Mr. John J. Ramos is the CFO of Mesa Hotels and Resorts. Prior to joining Mesa Hotels and Resorts, Mr. Ramos has held a number of positions as a financial professional in Asia as well as the United States. Key positions to note are the CFO of PT Berau Coal Energy, Tbk., Founder of Vanguard Financial, a commercial real estate and consulting firm, Senior Vice President, Recapital Securities, a financial services firm in Indonesia, CFO of Gameone Systems, an online digital entertainment company in China and Director of Financial Planning & Analysis for PT. Ariawest (a division of AT&T Wireless), a telecom company in Indonesia. Mr. Ramos holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science from the University of Colorado.

Andyani Noeriman | VP Business Development
Together with the MESA team, Yani shares our vision to grow further while consistently seeking new business opportunities within the hospitality and property management industry. With her “listen to you” motto, this allows Yani to explore and develop from the clients’ perspectives and then add the MESA knowledge to elaborate on their visions creating feasible business partnerships for both clients and their companies who are looking forward to a long-term and sustainable business growth partnership.

Posma Hutauruk | General Manager of Sales and Marketing
Joined the MESA team as General Manager of Sales and Marketing for all properties and collections under MESA Hotels and Resorts. Posma, with his extensive experience of more than 16 years in the hospitality industry, has a wide range of knowledge and expertise working with luxury hotels to mid-scale hotels.

Pirantie Basa| Director of Sales and Marketing
Phea oversees all of the Sales and Marketing initiatives for Mesa Hotels and Resorts and is responsible to maximize the presence of the brand and the properties amongst corporate, travel agents and government segment and continuously promoting our new and existing properties.

Herman Pakaya | Director of Finance
Herman holds the role of Director of Finance for Mesa Hotels and Resorts. With more than 30 years of experience in finance, he oversees all financial aspects of the group.

Lea Oen | Director of Project Development
Lea oversees all current and new project development within Mesa Hotels and Resorts. Her role encompasses all aspects of any operational expertise required in both new properties or acquistions..